Countering Irregular Migration

Enhancing Law Enforcement Effectiveness and Good Governance to Counter Human Trafficking, Human Smuggling and Other Organized Crimes

Bangladesh is particularly vulnerable to criminal activities in regions where large scale irregular migrations are common. IOM is working closely with the GOB on a range of initiatives that address border security, tackle the criminality associated with irregular and forced migration, and find solutions to the social and humanitarian consequences of irregular migration, trafficking and human smuggling.
IOM Bangladesh frames its expanding role on irregular migration within the GoB and UN by:

  • Working with the GOB to strengthen border management systems in vulnerable areas of the country.
  • Increasing the level of regional cooperation between country based missions of IOM in transit and destination countries, and promote information sharing on human trafficking and smuggling.
  • Improving coordination and capacity building of a network of relevant organizations for effective counter trafficking measures.
  • Strengthening IOM Dhaka’s legal expertise and policy awareness of international, regional and national level.