Emergencies and Stabilization

The strategic objective of the emergencies and stabilization initiative attempts to prevent and prepare for crisis, support migrants, displaced persons and communities affected by crises in accordance with humanitarian principles and promote durable solutions to end displacement.

 Country Priorities

Þ Immediate response to the crisis affected communities with life saving interventions

Þ Humanitarian Development Nexus

Þ Disaster Risk Reduction (preparedness, resilience)

Þ Environment and Climate Change

Þ Livelihood


Þ Bring humanitarian development linkages into the programming under emergencies and stabilization

Þ Mainstream Migration, Environment and Climate Chance (MECC) in Bangladesh

Þ Promote MCOF framework to support the Government in managing displaced population in the wake of disasters and emergencies in Bangladesh

Performance Measurement

Þ Proportion of migrants in need who receive multi-sector assistance to alleviate their vulnerable conditions

Þ Proportion of community members reporting that their specific needs and concerns are addressed within emergency and stabilization projects


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