Latest News on Migration

  • IOM: Most Victims Trafficked Internationally Cross Official Border Points

    Geneva – On the occasion of World Day against Trafficking in Persons (30/07), new data released by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, show that in the last ten years, almost 80 per cent of journeys undertaken by victims trafficked internationally cross through official border points, such as airports and land border control points.

  • IOM Director General Swing lauds “historic” Global Compact for Migration

    New York – The UN Migration Agency (IOM) on Friday (13/07) heralded the completion of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) as an important milestone that will improve international cooperation on migration. 

  • António Manuel de Carvalho Ferreira Vitorino elected as new Director General of UN Migration Agency

    Geneva - On Friday 29 June 2018, the member states of the IOM, the United Nations Migration Agency, elected Portugal’s António Manuel de Carvalho Ferreira Vitorino as the International Organization for Migration’s next Director General.

    Mr. Vitorino, 61 (DOB 12 January 1957), succeeds the United States’ William Lacy Swing, who is leaving IOM after serving two five-year terms as Director General. Mr. Vitorino’s directorship begins on 1 October 2018.

  • জাতিসংঘের অভিবাসন সংস্থা, আইওএম এর নয়া মিশন প্রধান পররাষ্ট্র মন্ত্রীর কাছে আস্থাপত্র প্রদান করলেন

    ঢাকা- জাতিসঙ্ঘের অভিবাসন সংস্থা আইওএম-এর নয়া মিশন প্রধান, গিওরগি গিগৌরি মাননীয় পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী আবুল হাসান মাহমুদ আলী, এমপি এর কাছে তার আস্থাপত্র উপস্থাপন করেছেন।

    "আমি আন্তরিকভাবে জনাব গিগৌরীকে মিশন প্রধান হিসেবে স্বাগত জানাই এবং প্রত্যাশা করছি সরকার ও আইওএমের মধ্যে সুসম্পর্ক অব্যাহত থাকবে," বলেন মাননীয় পররাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রী আবুল হাসান মাহমুদ আলী, এমপি।

  • New Chief of IOM Bangladesh presents credentials to the Honorable Foreign Minister

    Dhaka- The new Chief of IOM- UN Migration Agency’s mission in Bangladesh, Giorgi Gigauri has presented his credentials to the Honorable Foreign Minister H.E. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, MP.

    “I sincerely welcome Mr. Gigauri to Bangladesh as the Chief of Mission and look forward to continuing the strong partnership between the Government and IOM,” said the Honourable Foreign Minister H.E. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, MP.

  • বর্ষায় ব্যাপক বন্যা থেকে স্থানীয়দের রক্ষার জন্য ৯ কিলোমিটার খাল খনন

    কক্সবাজার - রোহিঙ্গ্যা শরণার্থী ও স্থানীয়দের আসন্ন ঘূর্ণিঝড় ও বন্যা থেকে রক্ষা করতে কক্সবাজারে বিভিন্ন উদ্যোগ অব্যাহত রাখার পাশাপাশি জাতিসংঘের অভিবাসন সংস্থা আইওএম বর্ষায় ব্যাপক বন্যা থেকে স্থানীয় অধিবাসীদের রক্ষা করতে একটি বড় খাল খননের কাজ বাস্তবায়ন করছে।

  • Safe migration in Bangladesh

    To gain more evidence on the attitudes and intentions of potential migrants and which communication channels are used for migrating abroad, IOM conducted a baseline survey for creating a stronger evidence base that guided the setup of an effective awareness-raising program on safe and orderly migration, which was funded by the European Union.

  • The harrowing plight of migrants at sea

    Bangladesh is built on the backs of its overseas workers, but we are failing to protect them

    Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of labour, with over 11 million citizens working abroad who have remitted over $174 billion (BMET, Overseas Employment and Remittances from 1976 to 2017).

    Every year up to a million workers go abroad in search of new opportunities. Unfortunately, the channels to migrate are strewn with hazards, and criminal networks often capitalise on the dreams of illiterate, poor job seekers.

  • Sustainable Mechanisms for Migrants: GOB and UN Migration Agency form Partnership to Pave the Way

    Dhaka –  The Government of Bangladesh has approved a 3-year project of IOM, the UN Migration Agency, at the Economic Relations Division to facilitate sustainable reintegration of returnee migrants from Europe and improve the overall migration governance space in the country. During the event, both parties recognized migration as one of key forces of economic growth.

  • Migration and skills development

    There is so much to be gained from investing in our migrant workers

    Annually, about 500,000 people migrate from Bangladesh to work abroad. Migrant workers collectively contribute about 7 – 8% to the country’s total GDP in the form of remittances, thus fuelling the nation’s growth and progress.

    Despite their hard work and commitment, most migrants are unskilled and end up in the most physically demanding and dangerous jobs that no one else will take in the Middle East.