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  • Six Months on, IOM Praises Joint Efforts, but Warns of New Challenges for Rohingya Response

    Cox’s Bazar – It will be six months, this Sunday (25/02), since almost 700,000 Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar started arriving in Bangladesh.

    In one of the world’s biggest forced migrations in recent years, around half a million people crossed the border in just two months after 25 August. Early images of tens of thousands of frightened and exhausted families filing through muddy paddy fields or crammed into rickety boats during their flight shocked the world.

  • To foreign shores

    What is the true cost of migration?

    Migrant workers send remittances of $12-15 billion to Bangladesh annually, reducing poverty and improving the welfare of labour-sending households and communities. Acknowledging the importance of labour migration, the government of Bangladesh has undertaken legislative and administrative measures to better serve migrants and to help them harness the gains from their work.