Work as Service Provider

Title Category Closing Date Invitation to Bid Location
Invitation for Bids for Disposal of Items through Open bidding at Cox’s Bazar Disposal of Items 07-11-21 IFB No.: IFB-BD21-001 Cox’s Bazar
Sale of Second Handed Goods Auction Notice 07-11-21 AUC-BD21-001 Cox's Bazar
Construction Of Twin pit Latrine & upgradation of emergency Pit Latrine (With Instruction to Bidder & Quotation Form (Revision Date: 31/10/2021) Construction 07-11-21 RFQ-BD21-018 Cox's Bazar
Supply and Delivery of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cooking System and Continued Cylinder Refills to the Rohingya Refugee Families Living in the Refugee Camps in Cox’s Bazar. Invitation for Bids 21-11-21 IFB-BD21-026 Cox's Bazar
Arrangement and promotion of a multi stakeholder on “Promotion of Ethical Recruitment and Zero Cost Migration in the Perspective of GoB’s 8FYP RFP 14-11-21 CO/MD/2021/016 Dhaka
Provision of Mobilizing And Supply of Daily Basis Unskilled Casual Labor/ Workers Service - Tender 18-11-21 IFB-BD21-027 Cox's Bazar
Request for Proposal for “Vehicle Rental Service” for IOM CO, Dhaka RFP 28-11-21 CO/RMU/2021/017 Dhaka
Extension of Deadline for Bid Submission Extension Notice 28-11-21 IFB-BD21-026 Cox's Bazar
Minutes of Pre-Bidding Meeting Held in Cox’s Bazar Minutes Meeting 28-11-21 IFB-BD21-026 Cox's Bazar
Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercises for Naf River-Based Community of Cox’s Bazar. Invitation for Proposal 01-12-21 RFP- 4200159773 Cox's Bazar
Purchasing of 06 wheel flatbed with crane and ramp Supply - Tender 08-12-21 RFQ-BD21-028 Cox's Bazar