The strategic objective of migrant protection and assistance initiative is to ensure human rights for all vulnerable migrants by providing protection services and assistance to the migrants and preventing human trafficking and other exploitative practices.

Country Priorities

  • Mainstreaming protection
  • 4 Ps (Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnership) of counter trafficking 
  • Eliminating modern slavery and trafficking in Bangladesh
  • Special attention to the most vulnerable among the Victims of trafficking (unaccompanied minors, disable), health for victims of trafficking


  • Promote victim-centred approach in the protection programming with the focus on four Ps (Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership)
  • Provide technical support to Government of Bangladesh in strengthening the prosecution along the lines of The Human Trafficking and Suppression Act (2012)
  • Mainstream Protection in all migration management services
  • Sensitize law enforcement agencies and legal experts in Bangladesh on protection issues of victims of trafficking
  • Forge partnership with the private sector to address issues of modern slavery and trafficking

Performance Measurement

  • Enhanced capacity of the Government of Bangladesh and civil society in countering trafficking, prosecuting traffickers and sustainably reintegrating the survivors of trafficking


  1. Addressing Trafficking and Smuggling Through Improved Border Management in Cox's Bazar
  2. Corporate Responsibility in Eliminating Slavery and Trafficking