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Rohingya Refugee Camps Turn to LPG, Reforestation to Save Depleted Bangladesh Forests

Cox’s Bazar – Khair Hussein remembers when cooking a meal meant a back-breaking trek up a dirt slope to collect firewood from the nearby bush.

Human Trafficking Takes Centre Stage in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar – Bangladesh is boosting efforts to combat human trafficking with a 2018-2022 national plan of action to improve enforcement through better inter-agency coordination,...

Skyscraper-depth Well Brings Clean Water to Rohingya Refugees

Cox’s Bazar – Under clear 36-degree Celsius skies, an exhausted Rafiq leans against his house, surrounded by his five children. Glancing upwards, he ponders another sweltering...

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How Digital Bangladesh can fulfill dreams

Sabrina Afrin Riza is 15 years old. She graduated from SSC at the Moheshkhali Government Girls’ High School, dreaming of a career in medicine. But her father and his small wood business could not a...

Bringing them home

Every year, nearly 1 million people migrate from Bangladesh for work. They contribute a significant amount of over $15 billion in remittances to Bangladesh.

Human trafficking in the coastal belt

Imagine living in an isolated area of Bangladesh. The roads, if any, that lead to these areas are mostly inaccessible. There are hardly any schools to prepare the children for a better future; nor...

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