Our Work

IOM's objective in Bangladesh is to promote humane and orderly migration that protects and benefits migrants and their societies. It does so by engaging across four thematic areas. These are:

  • Migration Governance
  • Migration and Development
  • Migrant Protection and Assistance
  • Emergencies and Stabilisation

The mission aims to achieve its overall objective through the following appraoches. 

 Rights Based Model: Rights-based model ensures that migrant rights are at the centred of programming and key partnerships.

Whole-of-Government Appraoch: Whole-of-Government approach makes sure that capacity enhancement and support to government takes place horizontally and vertically. For example, working simultaneously with all the relevant line ministries at the national level as well as supporting sub national and local authorities.

Evidence Based Appraoch: Generate evidence on a wide range of issues which affect migration pattern and migrants’ well-being to inform policy formulation and programming.

Humanitarian Development Nexus: The Humanitarian Development Nexus (HDN) approach ensures stabilization and promotes social cohesion between refugees and host communities. It aims at linking humanitarian and development programming in a manner that refugee operations also respond to needs of the affected host community.

Refer to our specific thematic area pages for more.

Download: IOM Bangladesh Mission Strategy 2018-2021