A valuable factor in IOM's good standing among Member States and donors is its careful stewardship of entrusted funds. As IOM continues to grow in response to global migration challenges, its procurement needs grow as well.

This page, alongside global procurement notices, provides information on opportunities for vendors and service providers.

Current Notices

Upgradation of the existing facilities of ITC as the Migration Health Assessment at C20 Ext. RFQ 16 October 2023 Reference No: 4200532877 Cox’s Bazar
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) for the provision of Hotel, Accommodation, Venue & Catering service at Dhaka Division REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  8 October 2023 CO/BD10-RMU/2023/031 Dhaka
Request for Quotation for Construction Materials REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  30 October 2023 RFQ- 4200543814 Cox’s Bazar
Supply and Delivery of Borak Bamboo and Muli Bamboo poles for shelter updated and maintenance Shelter Unit, IOM Bangladesh Invitation to Bid 7 December 2023 (2:00pm) ITB-BD23-051(4200570505 & 4200570514) Cox’s Bazar
The provision of Supplying Furniture for the IOM Office at UN Common Premises REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  4 December 2023 CO/BD10- RMU/2023/039 Dhaka
Request for Proposal for Ex-post Evaluation of Building Social Cohesion in Host Communities in Cox's Bazar through Skills Development Project Request for Proposal 4 December 2023 RFQ- 4200571086 Cox’s Bazar
Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of 315kVA sub-station REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  9 December 2023 RFQ-4200557098 Cox’s Bazar
Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the provision of Supply & Delivery of Non-Food Items (NFI) REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  7 December 2023 (3:00pm) RFQ-4200570569-4200570630 Cox’s Bazar
Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the provision of Supply, Delivery, Installation, and commissioning of Medical Equipment REQUEST FOR QUOTATION  12 December 2023 (3:00pm) RFQ 4200582352 Cox’s Bazar


Global Procurement Opportunities

IOM procures a wide range of goods, works and services. The Organization values companies that provide quality products and services, ensure their timely delivery and propose favorable post-delivery payment terms.

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