The strategic objective of the migration and development initiative aims to advance socio-economic well-being of the migrants, families and societies by implementing effective migration management services and ensuring humane and orderly migration.

Country Priorities

  • Skills development and upgradation
  • Mainstreaming migration in different development sectors (Health, Education, Environment)
  • Remittances and financial literacy


  • Enhancing development impact of remittance through evidence based programming on remittance management including financial literacy and debt mediation
  • Ensure skills for migration components are implemented effectively
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive migrant centred sustainable reintegration interventions
  • Mainstreaming migration in different socio-economic sectors and different levels of government structures in Bangladesh using a ‘whole of government approach’
  • Forge effective partnership with Government of Bangladesh and private sector to promote ethical recruitment of migrant workers
  • Promotion of safe migration through information and awareness raising for potential migrants 

Performance Measurement

  • Proportion of returning migrants who are sustainably reintegrated after accessing reintegration services
  • Proportion of prospective migrants, their families and community members with correct knowledge, attitude and practices towards safe migration

Previous Projects:

  1. Building Resilience of Returning Migrants
  2. Technical Assistance to BMET on Overseas Market Information and RPL
  3. Sustainable Appraoches For New Welfare Services and Labour Market Information System
  4. Digital Island Moheshkhali: Enhancing Access to Public Services through ICT
  5. Digital Island Moheshkhali: Poverty Reduction Through E-Commerce

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