Migration and Development

Strengthening Migration Management Services for Regular, Safe and Demand-driven Labour Mobility

Regular overseas migration is contributing to the rapid growth of the Bangladeshi economy. It is well-known that officially recorded remittances to Bangladesh make up 7.24% of the country's’ GDP, with direct macroeconomic benefits. Remittance inflows is estimated to be more than US$ 14.9 billion in 2016. Our role is to enhance the opportunities available to prospective migrants, whilst making sure that these opportunities are safe and profitable. This involves multi-level initiatives that support both the GoB and individual migrants in the business of planned migration. IOM works to:

  • Strengthen migration governance and management in Bangladesh, IOM’s operational strategy includes:
  • Support the GOB to implement migrant focused skills development policies.
  • Promote safe and ethical labour migration through awareness raising, data sharing and capacity building with key business partners.
  • Increase our organizational understanding of remittances and income flows to Bangladesh to provide a center of excellence for government and UN partners.
  • Enhance expertise in assisting returnee migrants through a focus on durable reintegration strategies
  • Identify and promote replicable models for skilled labour migration and mainstream migration in macro and sectorial projects.
  • Advocate for increased focus on female migrants issues by highlighting specific issues concerning female migrants of Bangladesh though relevant research.
  • Strengthen private and public training institutes in Bangladesh to deliver market driven skills training for prospective migrant workers.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the GoB to respond to the health needs of migrant workers and advocate for better protections to their ‘right to health’.