Migration Governance

The strategic objective of the migration governance initiative is to achieve full benefit of migration through planned, well managed and well governed migration policies and services.


Country Priorities

Þ Government to Government agreements with destination countries

Þ Regional consultative process

Þ Migration Governance Framework for Bangladesh

Þ Immigration and Border Management

Þ Policy initiatives – comprehensive return and reintegration policy; remittance management policy

Þ Mainstreaming Migrants in Countries of Crisis (MICIC) and Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF) in Bangladesh


Þ Adopt ‘whole of government’ approach in improving and strengthening overall migration governance in the country

Þ Focus on incorporating migrant-centred rights based approach in policy formulation and implementation

Þ Strengthen evidence based policy development in Bangladesh 

Þ Enhance capacity of government functionaries for better policy formulation and for effective migration management services 

Performance Measurement

Þ Improved capacity of the Government of Bangladesh to strengthen migration management and governance in line with international and regional frameworks including the MiGOF


Active projects:

  1. Prottasha - Sustainable Reintegration and Improved Migration Governance