The movement of people and the associated activities to facilitate orderly migration around the world has been a substantial part of IOM's operational programmes over the years. Transporting persons in need of assistance is the key to IOM’s overall mission of meeting global migration challenges. IOM’s department of Operations and Emergencies oversees activities related to resettlement, movement, logistics, preparedness and response in migration crises and humanitarian emergencies through recovery and transitional settings.

Main Activities

IOM Bangladesh’s Operations and Movement Activities

The IOM Dhaka Operations and Movement Team provide assistance to migrants at different stages of their journeys. Under the Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) and the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programmes, the Operations and Movement team assists returnees from various countries. Activities can, depending on different priorities of the donors, include reception and departure assistance at the airport, organization of onward travel to the final destination, elaborating a reintegration plan with the returnees and monitor the progress of their reintegration ventures. In the case of Bangladesh, to large part returnees prefer to start up their own small business through their reintegration grant, while only few benefit from other options like medical assistance or further education and vocational trainings.

For Unaccompanied Migrant Children stranded in a host country, family tracings and assessments are conducted to provide background information and to enable a decision taken in the best interest of the minor.

Pre-departure services provided to emigrants or visa applicants include document verification of educational, marriage or birth certificates etc. as well as a self-payer ticketing service. To facilitate the movement of migrants who were granted an immigrant or student visa, a self-payer ticketing service. Further, family reunification cases are assisted to different countries.

For any operational assistance, please contact our dedicated hotlines: +880-1766698777 or +880-1766698778

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