Migrants Face Reintegration Challenges: IOM’s Project Provides Innovative Solutions

DHAKA, October 18, 2023: In the context of the amplified challenges posed by the global pandemic, returnee migrants struggled with multiple adversities in Bangladesh. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in collaboration with its implementing partners, supported returnee migrants with its innovative "REMA(K)ER project.

The Project initiated with the support of the IOM Development Fund (IDF), was implemented with the overarching goal to better enable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) namely, Bangladesh Nari Sramik Kendra (BNSK), Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), and the WARBE Development Foundation (WARBE DF) to assist returnees and their families in achieving economic resilience and contributing to sustainable reintegration.

Following the successful completion of this pilot project, IOM Bangladesh organized a dissemination event today focusing on the lessons learnt on IOM’s Integrated Approach to Reintegration (IAR). The event included relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, representatives from civil society, private sector, and development partners.

Md. Hamidur Rahman, Director General of the Wage Earners' Welfare Board, highlighted the project's timely intervention: "The REMA(K)ER project supported vulnerable returnees to become self-reliant, and enabled them to rebuild their lives with dignity, economic resilience and contribute to the economic development of their community and the country."

At the heart of the project was the fundamental belief that returnees, when empowered and reintegrated successfully, can effectively contribute to the socioeconomic development of their communities.  The focus on transfer of knowledge on reintegration and its application in the field by local level partners added to the success and innovation of this initiative.


Beneficiary of REMA(K)ER Project

Fathima Nusrath Ghazzali, Officer in Charge of IOM Bangladesh, remarked on the transformative nature of the project: "REMA(K)ER is more than just a project; it is an embodiment of unity, collaboration, technological integration, and above all, compassion for migrants. Observing the tangible changes in the lives of the returnees and their seamless reintegration into society has been a rewarding experience."

Today’s event was concluded with all stakeholders recognizing the importance of localization in expanding the reintegration knowledge and expertise at the grassroot level. The international Organization for Migration was commended for this initiative engaging CSOs as they play an integral role in supporting vulnerable returnees and communities.

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